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Settled on the Coast

From Chapter 26

Today I sit for a while with James and chat quietly about the settlement and his blue eyes wander over the bottle brush bushes around the village green and upwards to watch a Sea Eagle soar above the few remaining Norfolk Pines that line the grass strip near the sea wall. As we watch the bird soars up into the thermal currents then folding its wings drops quickly into the deep water at the river mouth and emerges with a fish held tightly in its talons. We watch as the beautiful bird sweeps its wings and soars back toward the sky and off to the nest hidden away in the old forestry area.

“What a beautiful sight.” James says as his eyes still follow the path of the bird. “If I had not come here I would never have seen them. I love to watch them hunt when I can.”

“They are beautiful and are such a childhood memory for me.” I tell James. “I can’t remember a time when I did not watch them hunting. I’ve always envied their flight and wondered what they see from so high up. I’m sure that I would see nothing. I wrote poems about them when I was a kid too and often sat here on the hill writing.”