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Settled on the Coast

From Chapter 26

Today I sit for a while with James and chat quietly about the settlement and his blue eyes wander over the bottle brush bushes around the village green and upwards to watch a Sea Eagle soar above the few remaining Norfolk Pines that line the grass strip near the sea wall. As we watch the bird soars up into the thermal currents then folding its wings drops quickly into the deep water at the river mouth and emerges with a fish held tightly in its talons. We watch as the beautiful bird sweeps its wings and soars back toward the sky and off to the nest hidden away in the old forestry area.

“What a beautiful sight.” James says as his eyes still follow the path of the bird. “If I had not come here I would never have seen them. I love to watch them hunt when I can.”

“They are beautiful and are such a childhood memory for me.” I tell James. “I can’t remember a time when I did not watch them hunting. I’ve always envied their flight and wondered what they see from so high up. I’m sure that I would see nothing. I wrote poems about them when I was a kid too and often sat here on the hill writing.”


Getting to know Me

Dawn Millen was born in North Wales UK has lived for long periods in New Zealand and currently lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia in a small rural town. She loves to travel and explore the local area with her much loved dog by her side.
For 25 years Dawn cared for her disabled husband and after his death started writing. Her first book, “Widowhood 101” was published in May 2012 and quickly followed by “Widowhood 102 – The Diary Entries” and “Widowhood 103 – Tears Grief”. Widowhood 103 was written in collaboration with Annie Watson. These three books form part of a series of books describing Dawn’s journey through the death of her husband and the first years of widowhood. There are more books planned for the series over the coming years.
Dawn has also been writing poetry for many years and with her love of words draws pictures for others to see the world through her eyes. During 2012 she published many poems written over the years of care giving and during the first two years of her widowhood. These are not gloomy poems; they are a collection of thoughts and impressions garnered through the years.

Dawn’s latest book is her debut novel “Outback Exodus” which is garnering rave reviews by all those who have read it. It is an outback adventure story based around an earthquake that destorys the countryside and follows the journey of 252 survivors from the destoryed outback to the coast. Dawn invites you to participate in this journey and get to know the beautiful Australian Outback and the people who live and work there.

Coming soon will be the sequel for “Outback Exodus” and it continues to follow the lives of the characters you will come to know and love in “Outback Exodus”. The new work is called “Settled on the Coast” and will be available from Amazon at the end of May.

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Dawn would like to bid you welcome to her new blog and will be providing interesting articles and guest bloggers frequently.