Sea Witch

This one is from Sea Eagles and Quiet Hours. 

Sea Eagles and quiet hours is a combination of many of my published poems and available on Amazon


The Sea Witch strides along the break wall

Long hair tangling with the rising wind

She watches the birds whirling and swooping

And smiles as the spume sprays across the path

A storm is brewing out at sea

Black clouds roil across the horizon

Full of the promise of rain and wind

Dark eyes sparkling, she smiles and laughs

The water starts to rise and boil against the rocks

Sending jets of spray across her path

She shakes her fingers at the water

The spray won’t drench her now

Her magic calms the waters where she walks

The wind plays gentle games

The Sea Witch walks the break wall

To watch the storms approach

Her eyes light up with the first lightning strikes

And she follows its path with her eyes

Almost dancing along the walk now

Calling the storm towards the land

I see her joy in her dancing feet

Her smile grows wider as the storm grows too

All around her is chaos from the storm

But she is its centre, quiet and still

The waters do not break over her

She wanders alone where she will

As the storm quiets I watch her return

To the steps and off over the hill


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