When Dreams Flee

When Dreams Flee


Another sleepless night sitting in the old red chair

The dog beside me curled up tight

Silence fills the air

The only sound is the ticking clock and the click of the computer keys

Alone with the past and the memories

In the silence of the night

In the place where dreams have fled

Beyond the scars that will not heal

Behind the choices made in haste

Back to a place where all is still

Where the waters of sweet love still flow

In gentle steams of sunlight

To a time and place where we were two

Where your hand is still held in mine

Daily conversations then of this and that

The sharing of our lives and little daily things

The pain of parting still scars my mind

Settling deep upon my heart

Tearing through the words of love

Sundering the sunlight with the storms of woe

The past is gone now lost to time

Though the dreams linger still

The sorrow bows my head and rends my beating heart

At the death of love remembered


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